International lifestyle coach Johnnie Cass shares his top ten tips for managing your money and building wealth. Thought you might be interested in an article 5 Personal Wealth Management Tips For Financial Stability and thought I'd share a few points with you here. Guidance provided by Fidelity through the Planning & Guidance Center is educational … Read More

If you've decided to become a better dancer and make going out to clubs or social events more enjoyable, starting out can be pretty intimidating. Taking dance class or regular dancing lessons won't only get you the expert instruction to improve, but it will also give you regular instruction and practice so that your good dance habits can be reinfor… Read More

Life is a series of negotiations. As teenagers, we negotiated with our parents to borrow the family automobile or even for an extended curfew. Nowadays, we negotiate with the employers of ours for better benefits; we negotiate with our partner or spouse for rights over the remote control to the television and we negotiate when we purchase a car. We… Read More

I am not one that believes you can be pleased most of the time, though I have discovered you could be happy much of the time.And that's not a thing that will depend on how your day is going or how others treat you - it depends on what you do on a regular basis.I can remember being unhappy most days, at one point in the life of mine. It was not as I… Read More

The key to YouTube marketing is getting your videos to rank in Google searches.Once your video clip is positioned, you will get a constant stream of targeted views from Google.This is a lot easier said than done? -?ranking anything requires a full comprehension of Google's search algorithm.Unless you've a manual. That is exactly where I come in.In … Read More